"Blind loyalty. Very common in the young."

Chronicle Extras

Excerpt from "Comes a Horseman" script
Cut scene from "Revelation 6:8" — find out how Methos left the Horsemen
Interview with Josepha Sherman, author of The Captive Soul, at Ad Astra con in June 1998.
Excerpt from an earlier version of the Endgame script.

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Behind the scenes

[Duncan rushes out of the barge, sword in hand, after seeing Kronos' apparition.]

Methos: Mac! It's me! It's me!

Duncan: Did you see him?

Methos: Seen who?

Duncan: Kronos.

Methos: [skeptically] Really.

[Duncan walks away.]

Methos: Mac? Mac, where're you going?

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[Walking along a street.]

Methos: Most religions have some version of the savior myth — demons sent to destroy the earth, and a champion comes to protect it.

Richie: That is exactly what it says in the journal.

Methos: But millennium theory is nothing new, Richie. Every thousand years I hear these same stories. I don't know. I have never seen a demon.

Joe: [skeptically] A Zoroastrian demon.

Richie: Well then, maybe you guys have another explanation for what's been going on.

Joe: What's going on is that Duncan MacLeod's losing it.

Methos: Okay, we'll talk to the granddaughter.

Richie: Yeah, maybe she can help.

[They arrive at a building with emergency vehicles crowded outside.]

Detective: You live in the area?

Methos: No, we just saw the smoke. What happened?

Detective: Arson. Someone set fire to the building. We're looking for a man. He was seen leaving the place late last night. Tall, dark hair, ponytail.

Joe: Ah, nobody we know.

Richie: Sorry. [in a low voice] Not a chance, Joe.

Joe: Richie, come on. I know how you feel.

Richie: Give me a break. Mac was not involved in this. You know it.

[Joe sighs. Methos watches as the firefighters bring out a covered body.]

Joe: Who's that?

Detective: She was, uh, Allison Landry.

Richie: Thanks.

Methos: Poor, poor Allison.

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[In a floating restaurant on the Seine.]

Richie: [to Methos] So, you agree with Joe. You think MacLeod's crazy.

Methos: I think he's hallucinating, Richie. He's seeing people that he's killed. Who knows what else he's doing?

Richie: He did not set that fire. [pause] What if he's not seeing things? What if all this stuff is for real?

Methos: You're talking about demons running around. Dead people walking.

Richie: You're walking. How many times have you been killed?

Methos: Richie, it's not the same thing and you know it.

Richie: Nonononono. I don't know it. Nobody knows the reasons that Immortals exist, and maybe this is it. Maybe we're here so that one of us can fight this thing.

Joe: [sarcastically] Yeah, this has been going on for thousands of years and no one has ever heard of it. Not Watchers, not Immortals.

Richie: Basically, yeah. [pause] Ah, forget it. I'll see you guys. [Gets up and leaves.]

Methos: Blind loyalty. Very common in the young.

Joe: Yeah. I guess that's why we both feel like rats.

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[Methos and Joe enter the barge.]

Duncan: So where are the men in the white coats?

Joe: We think you're in trouble, Mac.

Duncan: Trouble. You think I'm in trouble.

Methos: Mac, you need help.

Joe: You can't do this alone.

Duncan: I'm not insane! I saw Horton, Kronos. I heard them. I don't know what they were, but they were real.

Methos: And you think they were demons?

Duncan: Yeah.

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[Still on the barge.]

Joe: Please, let us help you, Mac.

Duncan: Look, I've been reading about this, thinking about it. Look at the state of the world: war, famine, chaos. There has to be something to this prophecy.

Methos: And?...

Duncan: I don't know. Look, if this is all in my mind, if I am crazy, then it's too late. If not, then there's nothing you can do.

[The phone rings.]

Duncan: Hello.

Richie: Mac, it's me. Look, I saw him. I saw Horton. He's got Joe.

Duncan: That's impossible.

Richie: No, look, I know what I saw. I think they headed into the old racetrack.

Duncan: No, Richie, do nothing. Nothing. Get back here.

Richie: Sorry, Mac.

Duncan: Richie. Richie! You don't know what you're facing. [to Joe] Keep him on the line. He's gonna be at the old ractrrack. [Hands Joe the phone and leaves.]

Joe: Richie? Richie!

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[At the racetrack. After beheading Richie, Duncan's on his knees crying. He holds up his sword to Joe and Methos.]

Methos: Absolutely not.

Duncan: Take it.

[Sobbing, Duncan throws down his sword and staggers away. Joe cries on Methos' shoulder.]

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Additions and corrections: Nomi Winter.
The original tag for "Archangel" went like this:
It's 20 years in the future and Duncan is kneeling in the foreground. A man walks into the dark room in the background. It's Methos. Duncan says, "Did you get it?"
Methos says, "I brought something else as well."
He brings Joe, who is in a wheelchair, up to Duncan. Joe gives Duncan a katana.
Duncan accepts it reverently then says, "I'm ready."

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